Beauty Lasers Safe for Teens

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Lasers used to target teens with acne

Using your lasers to target moms & their teens

Lasers can be used to target teens at their most vulnerable phases. Teen bodies go through a roller coaster ride of a maturing skin process and acne, unfortunately, is part of this process. Dealing with acne can start as a phase faced in puberty but can carry through long after puberty. If acne is not treated effectively, long-term damage can be made such as spreading & scaring.

As a salon, you can combine your product range of facials with technology-based solutions such as our IPL technology in our Face Acne Handpiece used on the Magma Platform, Forma All-in-One and the Forma Light. This combination method of tackling acne allows you to target the bacteria from a “superficial” epidermal level as well as on a dermal level.

Our IPL acne therapy destroys the most common bacteria that causes acne, without pain, and with zero downtime. IPL, “Intense Pulse Light” is one of the safest
acne treatments available today. Our systems emit safe pulses of light energy to eliminate acne at its source. The light energy is directed at the affected pores, triggering a photoelectrochemical process that kills bacteria and reduces acne severity in the skin.

The overall treatment time is very quick and depends on the amount of acne being treated. Some patients have described the procedure as painless while others have experienced slight discomfort. As a salon, it is critical to set the expectation, especially when working with teenagers. They need to be told about the slight discomfort as well as the fact that a few treatments are necessary to gain optimal results.

When trying to attract & communicate this solution for teens, it is important to use imagery of teens in your communication points such as your in-salon-TV, Facebook posts, table-talkers etc, as the use of aligned imagery immediately communicates that this solution is applicable to teenagers. Perhaps it is a good idea to create a “youth campaign” in order to attract these types of requests.



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