Remember mentioning the “shaving” word to mom for the first time?

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Remember mentioning shaving to mom for the very first time. We all had the “Shaving” conversation with mom. And her answer was… leave it for as long as you can. And so, the question arises, at what age can you start with laser hair removal treatments?

The truth is, as soon as there is a desire for the hair to be lasered you can start! With females, hormonal fluctuations in the body are always going to affect hair growth. Whether it be through puberty, pregnancy or even menopause. So, if there is an element of self-consciousness due to unwanted hair, we advise that the laser hair removal process should start.

Often parents question the safety of laser hair removal when practiced on teenagers. The answer to this is, the laser is designed in such as way that it targets no other element besides the element inside the hair follicle it should target to reduce hair growth, regardless of the age of the patient.

Yes, hair on your underarms, genitals, and chest hair on guys- is controlled by hormones but when going for laser hair removal treatments during (and after) hormonal changing periods the patients’ hair growth is always in different phases, thus the hair in the correct “phase” to be targeted by the laser beam, will be effectively reached by the laser. After puberty teens may notice hair “coming back”, in fact, this is hair that developed during puberty and is not a result of lasering that did not work, it is a follicle that did not exist during your laser hair removal process, and in saying so, was not destroyed by the laser beam.

A lot of people think it is worth waiting till after puberty (or any other hormonal fluctuations) to start lasering as the laser will then target all the hair in the correct “phase” that developed before & after the hormonal change. But less hair is always better, the quicker it gets lesser, the better for the patients’ self-esteem. The treatment process might take a few more sessions once the hormonal change has stabilised, but the growth & density of the hair that was present during the treatment process will be significantly less.

Unwanted facial hair can be a big source of anxiety for girls. Having it removed may give their self-esteem a boost.


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