Starting a Laser Salon in South Africa

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Tips for starting a Laser Salon in South Africa

1. Choose your treatments (wisely)

Laser Salons differentiate themselves by investing in specific technology & devices that have a reputable reputation in the industry. There’s a vast amount of Salons out there. Each offering treatments that can be found in the salon a few doors down the road. This is why the choice of suppliers and providers is extremely important. When choosing your treatment offerings, it is also important to consider what support you need to be seen as a provider of the treatment. Is it a type of product or device you can stock yourself without requirements attached, or is it something like a specific laser treatment that requires intense training. On that note, the less support you need from the supplier or provider the more likely anyone can start offering this treatment.

Being in South Africa, the majority of beauty equipment is imported from various areas. The importers (if legit) get extensive training on the devices they import, and this is an important element to take into consideration when choosing your supplier. Is training purely provided based on a manual emailed to you or do you get training, manuals, hands-on practicals and practical documents to work with?

2. Location, not what you think it should be

Often people think you need to be located in a high-end area, next to great retail brands to make it in the industry. In fact not! We have seen many of our clients start their Laser Salons with leading technology & based in their parents’ garages or in fact, in the basement of their parents’ house. As long as your clients feel safe & comfortable enough to enjoy their time spent at your laser salon, your location is good. A lot of experts will say to you, choose the treatments that you would like to specialize in and spend your money and expertise on this first, and then your location. As high-end areas often come with a high-end price. When your treatments, technology, training & communication resonates with what your clients’ expectations your location is not the most important factor when starting up.

3. Pricing & Packages

We come across many newbies in the industry that are worried about getting prospective clients to pay for high priced treatments, due to the majority of the South African market being extremely price sensitive. To be honest, if you believe in your service, sell it at a premium price, people pay! The great thing about having lasers in your salon is the fact that you can sell courses of treatments. Due to the technology and physics of how lasers work, it is possible to create and sell packages. This allows you to get to know your clients really well and book them for future treatments before they leave your laser salon.

4. Skin Types

With South Africa having a demographic mixture of various ethnic groups and skin types, the type of skin type your equipment can treat becomes a make or break. Thus, it is important to realize that not all lasers are safe on all skin types. When treating skin type 6, therapists need to be aware and trained on the specific settings used to treat each skin type respectively to get the desired results whits keeping the treatment safe and pleasant for the client being treated.


If you are ready to pursue your dream of starting your Laser Salon in South Africa, complete the form below to start your journey with Best Enterprise. We will get in contact as soon as possible.

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