The Benefits of having a Hair Removal Laser in your salon

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Thinking of having a Hair Removal Laser in your salon?

Have a Hair Removal Laser in your salon – it will be one of the best decision you ever make!

Hosting in-demand treatments with a Hair Removal Laser in your salon

Clients want quick, lasting and effective solutions. When it comes to having Lasers in your salon, you will offer your clients hair removal solutions that take a cycle of treatments to complete, and once completed just need maintenance thereafter. In comparing to current hair removal solutions, Laser Hair Removal is the most permanent solution available. With clients becoming more & more body-image conscious,  mainstream & consumers are becoming more familiar with the treatment options available to them and are comfortable to explore these.

Lasers from a practical in-salon point of view:

  • Faster- a Hollywood Wax takes about on average 45min, in that same time you could have treated 3-4 more clients doing a Bikini Laser Hair Removal treatment
  • Create a higher return on investment- as waxing takes more time, and time boils down to money, you can charge more for your time per treatment when offering laser  treatments
  • Less “admin” work- after waxing treatments, there is an entire clean up process that needs to occur, with lasers, it is a matter of wiping your handpiece with an alcohol swap & it’s clean. Waxing treatments require more physical labor whereas laser hair removal is a matter of an in-motion movement.
  • Instant- Wax pots take time to heat up, whereas laser systems are a matter of a switch on button

Hair Removal Lasers drive your bottom line

Hair Removal Lasers, when investing in quality devices, the devices pay themselves off. In saying so, our Lasers have little to no disposables. This means that to complete a laser treatment, the only disposables necessary include gel, spatulas and your towels to protect your bedding in your salon. Depending on how many clients you see a day, our handpieces last up to 5years* long. In saying so, the device which is the fixed laser lasts for as long as you have the device serviced.

Offering treatment packages for the Hair Removal Laser in your salon

Lasers are great in the sense that they enable you to create & sell treatment packages. Working parallel to science, you create packages based on the hair removal cycle. Ensuring clients come back to your salon in the future for leading laser treatments.


If you are ready to add a Hair Removal Laser to your salon, send us a message & we will get back to you asap.

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