Bikini Laser Hair Removal for Him

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All about his bikini area

Some tips on males & their bikini laser hair removal sessions

Females, which make up the majority of Bikini Laser Hair Removal client base, feel somewhat uncomfortable during their sessions. Especially in the first few.

Males on the other hand, often avoid bikini area treatments due to the “awkwardness” of the situation. Here are a few tips on how to “prep” your male clients before & during their sessions:


Talk them through the process

Talk your male clients through every step. Tell them how to mentally & physically prepare themselves for the process.

  • Emotional Prep: Explain the long-term benefits of this process. Throw in there about the hygiene perks of being hair free down there.
  • Physical Prep: Explain the steps of not waxing 4 weeks prior to laser treatments, as well as how they should plan their showering sessions in time for their laser treatments. Perhaps also mention that they should not hit the gym directly after their session in order to avoid any skin irritations. Perhaps send a text prior to treatments to remind clients about the prepping process, this could increase the effectiveness of your treatments as well as the in-salon experience they have

Talk your male clients through the different “styles”

Ensure that they understand the end result of each style, and sell the styles you are most comfortable treating.

Bikini area laser hair removal

Perhaps start your male clients off with a more general treatment area and then introduce them into the more intimate areas.

Answer some serious questions your clients have

Does Laser Hair Removal have any Affect on the Male Genital Organs?

Simply – no.  The laser doesn’t penetrate deep enough to affect any organs in any part of the body.

How long is each session?

Depending on person to person and the density of the hair.

Is laser hair removal safe on the Genital Area?

​Laser hair removal is safe on the genital area when the correct laser and settings are used.  The genital area usually has a darker skin tone than the rest of your body which makes that area more prone to burns should the therapist  be under trained or the incorrect laser is used.


Should any questions pop-up that you are unable to answer immediately, ensure that you choose a laser provider that has extensive knowledge on the industry on a local & international level.  In doing so, you know that you are clinically backed as best as you could be.


Should your require any clinical information or training of specific laser hair removal areas- contact us and we will get back to you.








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