Magma Spark

Introducing the new standard in Hair Removal systems, Magma Spark 808nm Diode Laser device. Featuring astonishing treatment speeds, tailored treatment approaches, contact cooling and zero down time, making it the ultimate choice for the modern clinic.

Equipped with five treatment modes and a Melanin-meter, Magma Spark makes it simple and easy to offer better and safer treatments for all skin types including tanned skin.


5 Treatment Modes:

Introducing the first device to offer all of the most common treatment modes in a single system. The five modes are designed to offer safe and effective treatments for all skin types (I-VI), allowing a tailored treatment approach and optimized results.

1. Slow – Up to 40J/cm2

2. Medium – Accumulative energy

3. Fast & Painless – Up to 10 Hz 

4. 100ms – Ideal for skin type V               ‘

5. 400ms – Ideal for skin type VI 

Zero Down Time:

Quick workflow and zero waiting between treatments. An advanced internal cooling unit maintains the device at low core temperatures and ensures Magma Spark is always ready.

Melanin Meter:

Helping practitioners avoid burn risks and offering tailored treatments, the Melanin Meter is a small diagnostic device that generates individual treatment programs based on live readings from the patient’s skin.

Fast & Painless Treatments

Enjoying the best of both worlds with the Fast & Painless mode, you can now offer painless treatments at astonishing speeds of up to 10 pulses per second. Clinically proven and FDA approved, the Fast & Painless mode can be used on all skin types including tanned skin.

Contact Cooling

The Frame & Sapphire cooling technology increases the patient’s comfort while reducing risks of burns during treatments by cooling the tip to 4 degrees C°. By utilizing the entire surface area of the applicator tip, the Frame & Sapphire technology creates a more homogeneous cooling effect that helps keep the skin cooler for longer periods of time.

User Interface


The Magma Spark system is equipped with a new and advance touch screen allowing practitioners the ability to personalize the treatment with just a few touches. The screen provides practitioners with complete control over each part of the treatment. The touch screen offers practitioners complete control over each pulse width, level and mode. Moreover, the system offers the selection of ‘Skin type’ according to Fitzpatrick classification scale. Altogether, these features allow more accurate and customized treatment, resulting in a safer and more effective treatment.

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